The Ultimate Fat Burner That Was Banned For No Good Reason | Straight Fact

July 9, 2021 Off By editorialteam

The combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin just might be one of the most effective fat burners to ever exist. Unlike many modern fat burners – this combo actually helped to combat against the dreaded “dieting plateau” that has plagued many bodybuilders for years. But in 2004 the FDA decided that ephedrine was too dangerous to be sold on the market and thus it was banned. But a little prodding done by scientists and some investigative work by Jerry Brainum shows that this fat burning combo might not have a good reason to be banned. There actually might not be any negative side effects at all (unless, like any other drug, you abuse the substance). Get the Straight Facts on this very powerful and beneficial fat burner that frustratingly was removed from the public eye above!

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