The Result of Losing Weight Too Fast

July 3, 2021 Off By editorialteam

Whatever you do, don’t make a drinking game about me raising and opening my arms in this video, You’ll be dead in 2 minutes.

I’ve already addressed the way I’ve lost weight, through rigorous diet and exercise, but I think I pushed myself a little too hard so I made this video to let people know what happens when you lose too much weight too fast. Everyone says a healthy weight loss ratio is about 1-2 pounds a week. Follow that rhetoric. I’ve been fat for a long time, and my skin couldn’t keep up what how much I was losing. So don’t take my routine as a good example for losing weight, take it easier than I did so your figure can sync up with your weight loss accordingly.

Also, this is not the video on the often requested subject I’ve been receiving, I know I’m putting it off but I want to take my time getting it right. So thank you for bearing with me.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video.