Evolutionary.org Podcast #365-500mgs of test,DNP cycle,MMA cycle,Dbol

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Podcast #365
Join us for an exciting new episode of the Evolutionary.org podcast. Stevesmi is joined by his co-host Rick. In this episode Rick and Steve hit 5 great topics.
1. I’m already on a 500mg a week test cycle, i want to add winny to it, what support products do i need? ( 0:30 )

2. I’m an MMA and boxer guy, I ran dbol on someone’s advice and my performance is down. why? ( 5:55 )
3. 8 years off steroids, I want to comeback. what suggestions? ( 12:40 )
4. egg whites vs. whole eggs? ( 24:25 )
5. is DNP a good option? ( 40:26 )

For the best podcast clips: [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0q7RBfZ8m5M68wIwK5LvQ ]
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