DNP Low dose vs high dose | bodybuilding vs|Gear talk experience | part 3 | anabolic transformation

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#bodybuilding #anabolics #dnp #transformation follow along my journey for more cool videos and of course part 3 next one is30 min long the best part i had too make it in the am for you all ill talk more about gear doses cycles and everything you need too know about sarms doses experiences trt pct oct finastaride and tricks secrets ifbbpro charge thousands for this info i train professional athletes im a real coach know so bare with me i run out of space building up my channel is a must for you all you can Join my instagram follow me @fitnesszeli for updatesand other cool content on latest things always also visit code for discounts BSTRONGMAN10 remember high calorie dense foods increased leptin so u burn more fat wile you are in this lifestyle wile there is food there is no need for grelin on a cut guys so keep the fiber and proteins high so we are good for that cut stay calorie dense eat some carbs enough so you can workout properly and keep it clean best bet is go by feel listen too your body but your in charge don’t be scared too go stronger each day but you must train slow hardcore and train very hard like i do gear is a tool taking advantage of it is the very most important part trt is everything stay legal talk too your doctor like i do prescriptions are available online trt clinics sincerely Elias Ramirez Also if you love my fitness apparel clothing im a sponsored athlete here is the link so you look sharp and cool they are truly the best ??( If u liked my Fitness style clothing Welcome to the team! Menstrendzz rock!
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A Elite Retired Military SF expert and today a Elite Coach and Paramedic documentary on steroids and bodybuilding transforming from a state of obesity to a shredded abs magazine worth physique the Mission is to get 10 million subscribers to educate the world on what bodybuilding is really about for you to do things the right way not break laws and not condone the use of steroids or use steroids so in this channel i will tell you the truth about steroids my personal experiences as a paramedic and health professional in bodybuilding and what bodybuilders go through in life a real documentary real facts of a cycle secrets and everything you need to know about the use of these compounds. what these compounds do. show the risk involved, open your eyes not too make mistakes in using these different elements made to enhance athletes a approach of real understanding to make the right choice think plan ahead in life and do this correctly so do not use steroids subscribe stay educated remember the content is not medical advise in any way or form get strong. If i fall lift me up if i make a mistake help me make it right if you see me cry give me a hug if you see im wrong make me right if i help do the same if i lift hard enough lift stronger than me hang on if your hurt hold tight for life lets bleed together lets talk about each other in harmony lets help each other threw the pain if you are suffering you cant be alone have the courage to fight with me i want to be your friend i want this to be realistic i want real emotions in this journey not only fabricated hipocracy in life we all need the success we all need to start evolving into that new person its time to lift each other its time to have our back its time to teach and make this the best youtube channel out there because i started like you that did not know enough alone looking for answers and we can build this empire together i got the knowledge because im a paramedic in a documentary but you guys might have more knowledge im very humbled and open to advise and more materials that can induce a more mental and positive output for this community and audience imagine what we can do together all the body’s in the world that will be impacted the health needed the lives that are depress and need a way out if this is you subscribe to this channel and lets evolve into a zealous transformation no one ever has seen before