– DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) – Extreme Binaural Fat Burner (Increased Metabolic Rate)

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– DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) – is a very powerful production based on a bunch of subliminal messages, carefully composed binaural beats, and isochronic tones.
It is designed to induce effects that are characteristic for DNP: increase of the metabolic rate (via increased ATP production), and heat generation. In result it will firmly promote weight loss, as well as help to improve Insulin sensitivity.

It may be used stimultaneously with any kind of pre-workout supplements, as it will firmly boost their effectiveness!

CAUTION! The following production is composed to be a safe alternative to oral DNP. However listening to this production may increase heartbeat rate / slight shortness of breath, or induce slight muscle spazms / temporary disorientation! If any adverse effects occurs, then please stop listening to this frequency immediately!


Scientists as well as I, have done a lot of researches and experiments using binaural beats, isochronic tones, and subliminal messages. I have mostly focused on their influence on physical performance, and have already done a lot of experiments on my friends (with the use of EEG) as well as on my esteemed test group on Patreon. Researches were generally focused on workout results, blood tests (mainly hormones like: testosterone, estradiol, LH, FSH) and mind states. Improvements in physical and mental performance, as well as a significant influence on mind states are really evident. Almost all of the obtained blood tests results looks very promising e.g.: (13.03.18 – before the cycle): Testosterone: 4,8 ng/ml (2,8-8,0), Estradiol 25,9 pg/ml (11,3-43,2) / (12.04.18-after): Testosterone: 6,5 ng/ml (2,8-8,0), Estradiol 34,6 pg/ml (11,3-43,2). These are one of many results, which were obtained after almost 1 month cycle on my – Testosterone Enanthate -. I have already a bunch of blood tests results from many other tests, which were also focused on the influence of binaural beats on LH / FSH level. There come explanations… There are many official researches which you may find on scientific websites, that attests the remarkable influence of binaural beats on human organism. E.g. it is proved that binaural beats can stimulate the pituitary gland (dr Hanns Uwe Pfaff in 2014 has created a big publication about the influence of binaural beats on HPA. He mostly focused on cortisol regulation). This scientist, but also many other have also proved (you may find a lot more even on i.a. NCBI website) that even a control (placebo) group may have significant effects after the regular use of placebo – so like improperly composed binaural beats. Obviously, the results are approx. 3/4 worse, than effects of a non-placebo group, nonetheless they are still noteworthy (proves that placebo may be quite powerful)). Properly composed binaural beats will also have a strong influence on the glial cells, which make it possible to enchance the production of steroid hormones in a various ways, by using them regularly. Also there is a strong correlation between binaural beats and mind states (there actually exists a hauntingly number of published studies about this topic). Our mind states may have also a decisive influence on sport results/achievments (sport psychology branch). If you are a person that trains regularly, then it is certainly obvious for you, how mind states will play an essential role in sport. Binaural beats may also positively affect proprioception.

To reasume – there are evidences that binaural beats will help to gain muscle mass and improve physical / mental performance in a really complex way. I have also earned a lot of feedbacks in private messages, as well as in comments sections, that my productions brings many adventages.


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I do NEVER encourage anyone to use real anabolic-androgenic steroids.
I do not take any responsibility for side effects that may occur by using any of my binaural beats!