DIY Photo Booth Business – How To – What’s Inside A Photo Booth –

DIY Photo Booth Business – How To – What’s Inside A Photo Booth –

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DIY Photo Booth Business SECRETS in This How to Step By Step.

This video explains what’s inside a photo booth box of my DIY photo booth rental business. It is the second of a whole bunch of videos that will break down the processes of my DIY Rental Photo Booth Business.

Here is the link to My DIY Photo Booth Builds Series:

Not everything was covered in the video to keep it short and sweet. Here is a list of all of the internal components in these booths (With as many links as I can provide coming soon):
1. Canon camera (with USB cable)
2. Canon camera plug in adapter
3. SSFF computer with at least I5 and 4 gb of ram
4. Touchscreen monitor
5. Monolight strobe
6. Data transfer cable (for touchscreen)
7. VGA cable (for touchscreen)
8. Hot shoe mount pc sync adapter
9. Pc sync cord
10. USB keyboard
11. Wifi dongle
12. Fan
13. Powerbar

This channel is dedicated to my journey running an event rental, photo booth and bartending business starting from the beginning in my garage. Ill show you tips along the way! Watch me grow subscribe and comment often!

Check out 2 guys that inspired me to create this channel.

Gorothbalion: (check out his photo booth inspired by my white photo booth build design)
Tent Guy And Other Entrepreneur Stuff:

Buy tent stuff:
Links coming soon!

Do you need booking software for your photo booth business?

Buy Photo Booth Stuff:
Buy the monolight strobe (Photo Booth Flash; Neewer S300N) that i use on my white booths here:
Buy the photo booth backdrop stand I use:
Buy my most popular photo photo booth backdrop: 7.5ftx7ft champagne and white chevron sequin backdrop:


Easter Eggs: My videos are filled with little things. Keep your eye out!

Details that have been left out of the video that you might want to know:
1. The camera in the white booth is a canon 40D and the camera in the espresso booth is a canon T2i.

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