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Hello, I am a jumping athlete looking to gain the most possible relative strength without gaining too much weight. I’ve been running 200mg test and 200 deca due to having some joint issues and that’s been going fairly well, but last week i decided to switch to 150 test and 350 masteron due to the non-estrogenic effects of masteron thus less water retention. What’s your opinion on the best cycle to use for an athlete looking to gain strength with minimal weight gain (preferably not orals due to liver toxicity)? And other than deca, is there any steroid cycle you would recommend that can help my joints? perhaps one with less water retention.

I stopped my cycle bi the 21.02.20…. since then I haven’t used anything… not even testosterone. I’m now six weeks drug-free. Haven’t started a PCT either. My question was meant in such a way : I start after 4-6 weeks without anything with a TRT dose of Testosterone enanthate (100-150mg/week) and this also for 4-6 weeks and then blast with: 600 Test-enanthate, 600 Boldenone, 400 Masteron and add some Anavar for the last 30 days of this 16 week cycle Is 0.5mg Arimidex every other day sufficient, or can I take 25mg Nolva every other day instead

Why introduce boldenone in a cycle? It IS more potent to stick on testosterone, boldenone being a test derivative? thanks

Hello doc I’m 43 years old from UK, so getting a doc to look after me is almost impossible. I’m currently on testosterone enanthate 250mg every week and I feel great. I’ve been on this for almost a year now without any sides. I have used many steroids 20 years ago but just cruising now. Is 250mg too much for a TRT dose, or should I take a lower dose? I do check my bp and all is fine. I was experiencing low T symptoms before I started this.

What do you think about this? 150mg of sustanon (give me a 1000ng test) 25mg of DHEA, 25mg of proviron, 25mg pregnenolone, 250ui HCG, EOD. Is too much for a TRT Plus?
(what is TRT Plus?)
What’s the safest way to take clen? For how many weeks and in what doses? Should someone start low and pyramid?

I’m a 48-year-old Olympic weightlifter, passionate about my sport and my health, with diet and lifestyle well-tuned. What kind of cycle would you suggest, if my main concern is NOT to shut down my HPTA? How many cycles a year to reach this goal of using gear and still being able to not depend upon TRT after the cycles? Grateful for what you’re doing.

Can you please ask Dr T to explain more about beta blockers and training? My doctor put me on them for anxiety. I was on diazepam for years. They stopped them and put me on beta blockers. I’ve always trained the same. Basics mainly. Keep journal and always try to get more weight or reps.

What does that even mean to reset your receptors?

Would a prolactin level of 26.6 ng / ml, testosterone 650 ng / dL, free test 10.8 pg / mL for a natural 59-year-old be problematic for sex drive? FSH and LH also high on recent blood work. 23.5 and 11 mIU / mL

What are your thoughts on taking Mk-677 while taking HGH for maximizing performance and body composition? Since we know taking exogenous HGH shuts off your own production of growth hormone, why not take a secretagogue to keep your growth levels up?