Thermal Genesis

Thermal Genesis

April 21, 2021 Off By editorialteam

Note: This video requires some basic scientific prerequisite knowledge for full understanding. (Primarily in biochemistry.)

DNP is a metabolic toxin with high acute toxicity that quite possibly has overlooked potential for a drug to treat and reverse obesity.

A comprehensive paper from 1941 on DNP and it’s history:

Recent (2015) Yale study on time released DNP in mice as a treatment for Type II Diabetes, fatty liver disease and other obesity related illnesses:

Wikipedia has good information on DNP, it could be improved however. The page has some good citations for further reading:,4-Dinitrophenol

An article on a DNP related death:

Some of the endless news articles on DNP induced mortalities:

Mother’s heart-wrenching warning after daughter’s insides ‘explode like TNT’ from taking internet diet pills