Q&A With Coach Greg Doucette!!! – Episode 2

June 30, 2021 Off By editorialteam

By popular demand Coach Greg answers viewers questions!!!

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0:37 HRT clinics vs Endocrinologists
2:21 PCT for Rad 140
2:58 baby nakies actual name
3:27 do I drink alcohol
4:06 Why do women use fake tanners in Bikini?
5:14 Running Masteron without test
6:51 Does GH make your d!ck grow?
7:03 Is PCT harmful if you don’t need it?
8:09 Drugs to look like shawn michaels or Rick Rude?
9:49 Good fat burner?
12:08 TRT vs TRT with primo
14:11 Do cheat meals reset your metabolism?

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