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Dream Jam World is a family entertainment and educational development company which offers highly acclaimed multi-disciplinary music & movement-centric classroom-based programs, concerts, musical theater productions and school assemblies, in- hospital and out-patient programs, music production and music publishing, the award winning Dream Jam Band and Barry G and the Dream Jam Kids. For more than 10 years, children and their parents have been captivated and enthralled by the very best activities and adventures for children.

Dream Jam offers programs for children from birth to 10 years. Our highly acclaimed programs, offer multi-disciplinary music and movement-centric classroom-based learning activities, with an emphasis on social-emotional learning. Our after school programs include music- & movement- book clubs and dance and exercise classes all using our popular original music. The World of Nickhoo includes a school-based curriculum, an in-residence hospital and outpatient program, a live stage performance, music cds, an upcoming picture book series and animated series. Our laboratory includes a continuing program of research and development of age-appropriate curricula and an advisory panel of educators, song writers and musicians, authors and publishers, child psychiatrists and child psychologists, and parents. The Dream Jam Band is an acclaimed group of multi-talented musicians whose music is loved by everyone from toddlers to parents and grandparents. They instantly connect with children by delivering melodies full of unbridled joy and happiness. Barry G and the Dream Jam Kids have a highly acclaimed album, Huh Uh, recently released on MyKaZoo/Universal Music..


Dream Jam World is a division of Dream Jam Productions®. Copyright © 2008-2017 Dream Jam Productions, LLC™.
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