Frequency-Agile Instrumentation for High Field DNP/EPR Spectroscopy | Dr. Thorsten Maly | Session 19

July 28, 2021 Off By editorialteam

The 19th session of the Global NMR Discussion Meeting was held on 24th November 2020 via Zoom. Dr. Thorsten Maly gave a talk on versatile, frequency-agile instrumentation for high field dynamic nuclear polarization/electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy. The video was recorded live during the presentation and serves as an educative lecture.

2005 Ph.D. in Chemistry, JWG University Frankfurt, Germany (group of Prof. Thomas Prisner)
2005-2010 Postdoc, MIT, Cambridge, USA (group of Prof. Bob Griffin)
2010-present: co-founder Bridge12 Technologies, Inc., Framingham USA

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Abstract: To further improve the DNP methodology it is crucial to understand the EPR properties of the DNP sample at the field of the DNP experiment. However, gyrotron-based DNP system only
offer limited flexibility to extract EPR parameters. In this tutorial, I will review frequency-agile
instrumentation suitable for high-frequency DNP and EPR spectroscopy. I will discuss strategies
for generating and detecting microwave radiation and will present the fundamental basics of quasi-
optics, necessary to separate the incident from the reflected microwave beam.