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My favorite book by Elisa Kleven is, The Lion and the Little Red Bird. It is a story about a special friendship between a lion and a bird who don't understand each other's language but still find a way to communicate.

The bird is intrigued when each day, the lion emerges from his cave with a different colored tail. When the bird tries to ask why, the lion interprets the questions as beautiful singing. Finally, the bond that has developed between them leads to the answer.

The lion and the little red bird

The illustrations are so colorful and textural. Elisa Kleven uses yarn for the lion's mane, the bird's feathers are made of marbelized paper and the forest is created with pieces of colored tissue paper and other textured paper.
Click here to make your own Lion Puppet


A Carousel Tale

Elisa Kleven has written a brand new book, A Carousel Tale. Ernst, the blue crocodile from the books, Ernst and The Puddle Pail returns for a heartwarming tale about friendship and responsibilty. Ernst loves to ride the honey-covered carousel dog so when the dog's tail falls off, the carousel keeper asks Ernst to take care of it until the springtime. Ernst decides to turn the tail into a beautiful, colorful bird. When springtime finally comes, Ernst will have to return his beautiful bird to the dog...or will he? This tale will make you smile!

Click here to make your own Carousel

Click here for Henrietta the Hairy Hippo which DJ featured recently



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