Counter-type Label Peeling Machine丨120-180mm tag label roll dispenser

Counter-type Label Peeling Machine丨120-180mm tag label roll dispenser

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Counter-type Label Peeling Machine 丨120-180mm tag label roll dispenser

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Technical Parameters of label peeling machine:
Label length: 4-200mm
Label width: 6-135mm
Paper tube inner diameter: 25Mm or more
Label outer diameter: below 250mm

Automatic sticker label peeling machine, manufacturer production, quality assurance, lifetime maintenance! Use it to automatically peel the label paper printed by the bar code machine, saving effort and time, it is a good helper for your work! Solve the troubles of manually peeling labels for enterprises and save monthly labor costs.

Basic use of label peel off machine: It is used for automatic peeling of labels. After the peeled labels are taken, the next label is automatically peeled to improve the efficiency of the workers’ label removal. Multiple rows of labels can be peeled at one time.

Scope of application:
Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic regulatory codes, bar codes, etc .; applicable products: all products that require labeling or film; application industry: widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, hardware, Plastics, printing and other industries; application examples: labeling on toy lines, labeling on food packaging boxes, and labeling on electronic products.

Features of label dispenser machine:
1. Independent traction mechanism to reduce the direct traction vibration of the motor and extend the life of the motor
2. The labeling and peeling are smooth, the stripped labels are flat and do not wrinkle, and the workers get the labels conveniently;
3. Easy to use, simple to maintain, and can be operated independently according to the instructions;
4. Sufficient traction, can peel off one or more rows of labels at one time;
5, with a label counting function, the length adjustment function;
6. The transmission components are wrapped, and the electrical installation is firm and reliable, with fewer exceptions, safer use and operation, and simple maintenance;
7, small structure, small footprint, convenient equipment movement and placement, can be flexibly inserted and placed in the assembly line or a station;
8. The main materials of the equipment are painted with stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and the overall structure is firm and beautiful;

1. Install the label on the material shaft and wind it according to the legend of the manual;
2. Pull the backing paper around the reel, and clamp it with a paper clip;
3. Adjust the paper stop ring to fix the label position;
4. Adjust the length knob and speed knob to zero;
5. Turn on the power and adjust the speed knob until the bidding speed is appropriate.
6. Adjust the length knob until the length of the label is appropriate;
7. You can start working after clearing the counter.
8. The core working principle: the sensor detects the label and controls the traction motor to stop; when the label is removed, the label is not detected, and the traction motor is controlled to rotate until the next label is peeled to a predetermined position and stops, and so on; Label — The next label is automatically peeled to the predetermined position (the device automatically realizes it)
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