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What is hypertension?

And what are the key concepts the NCLEX wants RN nursing students and LPN students to know cardiac medical surgical nursing for adult health?

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Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. Severe hypertension can lead to very serious conditions like heart disease, CVA (stroke), retinopathy (blindness) and even death! Antihypertensive pharmacology are must know for NCLEX, including drugs:
Ace Inhibitors
ARBs (Angiotensin receptor blockers)
Beta Blockers
Calcium channel blockers
Dilators (Vasodilators like Nitroglycerine)

This 9 part video series on cardiac medical surgical adult health nursing is intended to help registered nurse RN students and LPN students with NCLEX memorization tricks. In this video series Michael Linares, RN from Simple Nursing helps explain the nursing pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, causes, pathology, treatment options for various diagnosis, which are expected to know for the NCLEX, HESI, ATI, and Kaplan proctor exams.

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