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What Happens to Properly Recycled Cork:

Properly recycled cork (not the cork sent to local landfills) is ground up to make other products, and recycling campaigns work to encourage other uses for cork in new industries and in applications. Such campaigns reduce the volume of cork that currently ends up in landfills, where it will eventually biodegrade, slowly releasing its carbon content over a century, while squandering its tremendous reuse value.

Rather than waste the high value of used wine stoppers and other cork, a growing number of environmentalists and economic developers are working to increase awareness of the value and utility of used cork, which is refined into natural, composition, granulated or cork/rubber combinations and tailor-made in all shapes, such as slabs, blocks, sheets, rolls, and grain, thereby promoting economic development and job growth for a wide range of products.


This is a much better trail to blaze rather than squandering its lasting high value by filling up landfills with tons of used cork. These socially responsible recycling programs work with partners to collect and transport recycled cork without adding to its carbon footprint in the process.

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