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I love Pete Seeger. His music makes me happy. I just want to sing and dance along.

Did you know that these folk songs were passed down from great-grandparents to their children (our grandparents) to their children (our parents) and now to us?

That’s how folk music works. Each generation sings those songs to the next generation. Some day, we will sing these songs to our children and so on and so on.

That is Pete Seeger’s hope: that traditional folk music will live on forever!

Listen to some of my favorite Pete Seeger children’s songs by clicking on the arrows:

Green Grass Grew All Around

Frog Went-A Courtin’

She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain

I Know an Old Lady

We thank High Windy Audio for granting us permission to stream these songs on our site.

Stories & Songs for Little Children by Pete Seeger

If you like the songs you may also like the other songs on the album Stories & Songs for Little Children by Pete Seeger.

You can purchase it through David Holt's site



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