Cori Chertoff has extensive experience in child development, as a program director and teacher with a Masters Degree in Education. She has developed innovative programs for children ranging in age from infancy through adolescence. She created a parenting magazine in Westchester, New York, The Bell Buzz, which dealt with childhood development and social issues. Critical acclaim for the publication led her to produce the film, Teen Time, which featured a support program she created for children with mothers in prison. Key elements of both the film and the program were the expression of the children’s feelings through music, dialogue and creative writing.

Cori designs curricula and develops programs for Dream Jam World to foster child development and creativity, promoting cognitive and language skills and social and emotional growth. These modules use original music and stories to stimulate the child’s imagination and encourage participation and involvement. She writes and produces musical theater productions for family audiences. She is currently writing a series of children’s books. Cori has served on the Boards of Directors and consults on the advisory boards of several non-profit organizations.  

Rick Chertoff is a five-time Grammy-nominated producer, responsible for hit songs by artists including Joan Osborne, Cyndi Lauper and Sophie B. Hawkins. Both Lauper’s album, She’s So Unusual and Osborne’s album, Relish, were debut albums that garnered multi-platinum sales and multiple Grammy nominations. Rick was nominated twice for ‘album of the year’, twice for ‘record of the year’ and for ‘producer of the year.’ Rick worked at Columbia Records for 12 years rising to Senior Vice President of A&R and oversaw the creative efforts of dozens of artists. He then started his own label, Blue Gorilla, at Polygram with Joan Osborne’s, Relish, which became a worldwide smash receiving seven Grammy nominations.

Rick co-wrote and co-produced the song, “Christmas of Love” for Ron Howard’s film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and he co-wrote and co-produced the theme for Jerry Zucker’s film, Rat Race. He considers one of his most significant accomplishments to be the album Largo, which is based on the second movement of Dvorak’s “Symphony from the New World.” and will soon appear on Broadway. Rick formed the highly acclaimed Dream Jam Band and produced their debut album and their newest album, Leave it in the Soup. Rick also co-wrote and produced Huh Uh by Barry G and the Dream Jam Kids, recently released on the label, myKaZoo/Universal Music Enterprises. His new musical theater production, Largo will soon be on Broadway.



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