Art Activity

Henrietta is a special hippo. She's a hairy hippo! And here is YOUR chance to style Henrietta's hair...

Art activity based on the 64 Zoo Lane book Henrietta the Hairy Hippo





  1. Click here to print out an image of a hairless Henrietta.
  2. color it in using coloring pencils or crayons.
  3. Glue paper onto a piece of Letter size card card.
  4. Cut the wool into short lengths and glue onto Henrietta's back. Leave to dry.
  5. Now for the fun bit: Style Henrietta's hair! Make knots and plaits. Cut her fringe. Use beads, ribbons, buttons or anything else you fancy to give Henrietta a groovy hairdo!


An Vrombaut's website:

64 Zoo Lane Millimages S. A. / Zoo Lane Productions Ltd

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