Port Chester, New York embraces the innovative

All Access: Music as a Gateway to Multi-Disciplinary Learning” Program

I have devoted 38 years in public school education working to provide opportunity for the often-underserved children in the Port Chester, New York School District. 

As an administrator, thousands of programs have crossed my desk, but few have sparked the enthusiasm elicited by Dream Jam World's "All Access: Music as a Gateway to Multi-disciplinary Learning".

It has masterfully woven an engaging, multi-sensoral experience facilitated by professional music teacher/musician-artists  which, over a school year, takes students on a journey through twenty diverse musical genres to integrate deep connection with an astonishingly broad spectrum of district curriculum objectives: history, language arts, social studies, geography, science, math, environmental studies, and important social-emotional development benchmarks.  

Their sophisticated musicality, sense of humor and companion-puppet characters liven up a classroom with a spirit of wonder that captivates even the child who has, historically, been difficult to reach.  

And, as if that were not enough, the program provides each child with a CD and materials from the twenty-genre music program to form their own personal music “library”--something they can treasure into adulthood which has potential to also enrich the lives of their siblings, parents and extended families.

It has been wonderful seeing classroom teachers inspired to cross-pollinate learning by actively integrating elements of the program into their daily lesson plans.  This year, our second with "All Access", will expand to explore newmedia literacies through Smartboard technology and teleconferencing initiatives.

I am looking forward to seeing the “All Access” program implemented not only at

Kindergarten level, but expanded to K-12 in the years to come--and welcome the

All Access Team into our school community where the daily mantra is:

Opportunity for Every Child!

Frank Fanelli
Asst Superintendent for Grants, Personnel, and Educational Programs
Port Chester School District, Port Chester, New York

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